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Growing up in Minnesota, there is one thing for sure that I know and love. That's hockey. I never played it, but I follow it, and I love to watch it. We'd play pond games at local rinks when I was a kid and ever since then, loved the game. It was taken away from us in the 80's but was graciously brought back to us in 2000. Since then we've made the playoffs, made a run to the cup and now more than ever built a fan base that never left, a team of 18,000. Not including all the thousands of fans at home or in a bar watching the wild play. I am truly blessed to have this team, and am proud to call Minnesota, home, and the State of Hockey. Enjoy reading!

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When the Minnesota Wild Become Full Strength posted on 03/11/2009

I’m not talking about the Wild’s penalty kill (which is the best in the NHL) but more of when this line up becomes 100% healthy. Chemistry is something that wild head coach Jaques Lemaire has preached and strived for in his 8 years as coach.  By changing goaltenders in the middle of playoff series to different lines to keep teams on their toes.  The team lately, I will openly admit, has had its struggles. Marian Gaborik for what seems like his 6th consecuitve season, has found himself on injured reserve and is fighthing to get back on the bench. He had is hip surgery, which last I heard went successfully and he is now back on the practice squad getting conditioned for his return. What does this mean for Minnesota?

As of yesterday the Minnesota Wild were one point behind on the eighth spot in the run for the playoffs.  Last year, they won the Northwest Division. I don't think we can for a second single handidly blame Gaborik for it, there are plenty of other players on the Wild that cover his end of the bargain. Mikko Koivu has 17 goals and 43 assists, healthy. Pierre-Marc Bouchard has 16 goals and 27 assists, healthy. Andrew Brunette has 15 goals 21 assists, healthy. These top 3 players for the wild have played more than 60 games this year. Gaborik has played in 6. He is supposed to return to action soon along with Kurtis Foster who has been out with a broken leg since last year. These two are play makers, and when put out on the ice, in fact, make things happen. I think it might just be in the nick of time. The Minnesota Wild have always been a darkhorse, meaning you never see them on ESPN, if they pronounce their names right it's a miracle. When they are 100% which I suspect they are going to be real soon. Expect these guys to be right up there at the end. 100% is one thing, but if they continue to have the chemistry, there is not one team in the NHL that will stand in their way.

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